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Baby Bottle Collecting

We collect baby bottles that are are still in great condition. We collect from companies as well who donate the best bottles to use for babies. You can provide us new or used baby bottles and we then give those to families who need them.

Like Condition Bottles

We only want to provide the best quality products to families so we have a process that will make sure all the bottles are in great condition and are clean. We do our best to provide only the best quality.

Brand name Baby Bottles

We work with companies around the world to deliver the best milk bottles for babies to families, this means we also collect some of the top brand name products on the market and we will be giving these out as well.



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We have helped thousands of family's with baby bottles and providing for their babies for decades. We have a strong support system in place that can help you get all the resources you need.

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Baby Advice

Not only are babies a gift, but also the pride and joy of a family. One could also say that a family is not complete without these extraordinary beings. Therefore, handling them at their delicate stage as they grow becomes crucial considering at their early stages they can barely take in solid food. Thus, what they feed and most importantly how they feed ascertains their growth.

It is because of these among other reasons encompassing the way babies are fed that Bottles for Babies  came into being. Most parents, if not all, use a bottle at one point or another to feed their baby. As such, feeding is not only an important topic but also a relevant one for PEPS Groups as it educates new parents about all the stages of a child’s growth and development. It is on this platform that many PEPS parents share their successes as well as their challenges when it comes to bottle-feeding.

There are various organizations involved in ensuring babies get milk considering half of the moms who give birth prematurely are unable to provide their babies with breast milk. Unfortunately, in such cases, babies have to be fed using bottles since they cannot get breast milk any other way.

As an organization, also help with our endeavors. We have taken a call to action ensuring that a baby grows and develops as they ought to despite such setbacks. To them, every life is important. By collecting and providing feeding bottles to both young and new parents, they can reduce cases whereby babies become victims of unhealthy feeding due to lack of bottles.

Interestingly, if well utilized, a parent or anyone else can make bottle feeding a great time with the newborn since it is a way of being close and spending valuable time together.